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HPV-22B Charge Controller

No Longer in Production

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The HPV-22B has all the features of the HPV-22 and then has a couple of switches added to the face plate for a little more convenient user control.

  1. The "On / Off" Switch

    This allows you to easily disable the controller when necessary without having to go out and pull a fuse at the battery.
    There are times when it is appropriate to turn off your solar charging system. One being if you are going to store your RV under cover or in a garage. If there is no sun available, then your controller will draw the power it needs to operate its logic and meter readout from your batteries which will slowly draw them down while in storage. Simply turning off the controller will resolve this issue.

  2. A "Dry Camp" / "Shore Power" Selector Switch
  • When dry camping, you need all the solar power you can get. So, when this switch is set to "Dry Camp", the controller's charge set point is 14.3 to 14.4 volts. When you are plugged into shore power and have your inverter/charger or converter charging your batteries, you don't want your batteries to be held at that high of a voltage. So, when this switch is set to "Shore Power, the controller's charge set point is lowered to 13.2 volts. It will in essence be in a standby mode ready to spring into action should the shore power drop out.

  • Some Class "A" MotorHomes, have a "High Battery Voltage Warning" that goes off when the batteries go above 13.9 volts. This is because, when driving down the road, the engine alternator usually peaks out at 13.8 volts. Anything above that indicates a potential runaway alternator charge and you are warned to consider that may be happening. Since the HPV-22B has a set point of 14.3 to 14.4 volts when in "Dry Camp" mode, it can cause this "High Battery Voltage Warning" to go off. By setting the switch to "Shore Power", you eliminate this problem. The HPV-22B will be in the background waiting to take over when you turn off the engine and the alternator is no longer charging.